Citadelic festival 2023 

MAY 29 - 13H                    MAIN STAGE

the conservatory sessions
   Salopet (BE)
           jazz meets folk

Salopet is a jazz-meets-folk group born from friends who like wearing dungarees (dutch: salopet) a little too much.

Hiding behind a flute, an accordion, a double bass and frequently joined by a bunch of percussion instruments we walk the line between playful and danceable, adventurous and cosy, spontaneous and down to earth.

Nele Vernaillen - flute & reeds
Laris D'hose - double bass
Marieke D'hose - accordeon & other instruments
Niels De Jongh - percussion



with the marvelous support of De Vlaamse Gemeenschap and de Stad Gent


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