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INSTANT festival



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A stroll amidst art and free improvisation...

Music and visual arts make a good pair and have a long history.
Citadelic, S.M.A.K., and Ha Concerts are furthering this path with the INSTANT festival.

The national and international cream of improvisation and jazz take you on a stroll through the S.M.A.K. Musicians such as Barry Guy, Han Bennink, Aki Takase, Valentin Ceccaldi, Louis Sclavis, Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė, Peter Jacquemyn, Els Vandeweyer, Tsubasa Hori, John Dikeman, and many others surprise each other and the audience in ever new encounters and in new places within the magnificent museum. A total happening like you've never experienced before.

2pm - 8pm: Day time at the museum
Spontaneous formations of solos, duos and trios
Fixed performances:
      2pm: Takase - Sclavis Duo
      4pm: Homburger - Guy Duo

6pm - 10pm: Late night at the museum
Spontaneous formations of solos, duos and trios
Fixed performances:
      6pm: BonBon Flamme ft. Valentin Ceccaldi & Fulco Ottervanger
      8pm: No Plan Man ft. Eric Thielemans & Mauro Pawlovski
      10pm: DJ Illvibe (turntables) + Els Vandeweyer

1pm - 9pm: Record Store Day Vinyl Music Fair
Platen scoren op de vinylmarkt



Aki Takase: piano
Louis Sclavis: reeds
Han Bennink: drums & percussion
Tsubasha Hori: Taiko drums & percussion
Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė: kanklės & stem
Maya Homburger: violin
Barry Guy: double bass
Berlinde Deman: tuba & serpent
DJ Illvibe: turntables
Els Vandeweyer: vibraphone
Mingo Rajandi: double bass
Hanne De Backer: baritone saxophone
Peter Jacquemyn: double bass
Mauro Pawlowski: guitars
John Dikeman: saxophones
Eric Thielemans: drums & percussion
Valentin Ceccaldi: cello
Luis Lopes: guitars
Fulco Ottervanger: piano & synths
Etienne Ziemniak: drums

Aki Takase
This Japanese pianist has been living in Berlin since the late 1980s and is one of the big stars of the German jazz scene. 'Breathtaking technique, immense power, and a fine sense of humor.'

Louis Sclavis
The godfather of Folklore Imaginaire and one of the most versatile clarinetists who finds his musical roots between classical, jazz, and theater.

Han Bennink
"The Dutch drum maestro, one of the leaders in European free jazz and free improvisation, has performed with a drum kit made of cheese, his own body, and whatever found objects - or space - he happens to come across."

Hanne De Backer
A versatile Belgian baritone saxophonist active in the field of improvised music. Over the past years, she has made her mark on the European improv scene.

Tsubasha Hori
Between traditional Japanese 'taiko' percussion and contemporary experimental music.

Mingo Rajandi
This Estonian artist bravely explores intersections between refined compositions and improvisation, transcending genre boundaries and experimenting with various art forms. In her work, she blends jazz with contemporary music and draws inspiration from socially critical texts and poetry, both from classics and contemporary authors.

Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė
She combines on kanklės the tranquil minimalism of Lithuanian folklore with a whirlwind of new ideas.

Berlinde Deman
Berlinde Deman opts for larger, unconventional instruments. With the tuba and serpent, she blows apart the oompah image as part of the pleasantly insane Ghent ensemble, Flat Earth Society!

Homburger - Guy
Duo featuring Maya Homburger (violin) and Barry Guy (double bass). A bridge between Early and New Music in a project that combines the works of H.I.F. Biber, J.S. Bach, and Györgi Kurtág with modern compositions and improvisations. Virtuosic and creative tension

DJ Illvibe + Els Vandeweyer
An unpredictable show where highly diverse atmospheres are interwoven. Els employs various types of preparations, such as gloves, distortions, and sticks on her vibraphone. The result is more fluid and energetic than abstract.

No Plan Man
Peter Jacquemyn, an all-round artist and free jazz double bassist with an energetic style, developed his own playing technique, using cans, nails, and two to three bows simultaneously.
Mauro Pawlowski (guitar), a Belgian singer and guitarist, known as a member of bands like Evil Superstars and dEUS.
Eric Thielemans, a drummer and percussionist, a musical thinker, navigating through various music scenes and disciplines with his own compass. He engages both solo and through numerous collaborations with musicians from the experimental music scene, jazz scene, and the indie folk/pop/rock scene.
John Dikeman, the American saxophone player with "a religious conviction and sinuous dynamics - thunderous pounding in the low register, split tones, and a timbre that is almost torn to pieces." (Enola)

Bonbon Flamme
French cellist Valentin Ceccaldi invites three of the most idiosyncratic and creative musicians from the European improvised music scene; the explosive drums of Etienne Ziemniak, the glowing guitar of Luis Lopes, and the rainbow keys of Fulco Ottervanger.