Kaito Winse

 Citadelic festival 2023 

MAY 28 - 19H30                    in the PARK

   Kaito Winse  (BK)
            West African multi-instrumentalist shows his view of the world

Kaito Winse offers a solo loaded with power, sincerity and sound richness. The tama or ‘talking drum’, the toutlé, the Fulani flutes and the traditional mouth bow accompany his songs which invoke the ancestors and the force of planet Earth. From an early age Kaito Winse was formed in the traditions of his griot family in the village of Lankoué, Sourou region inthe north of Burkina Faso.

As a true modern griot, his music is a unique experience where musical codes shatter to address the depths of the soul. Tradition and spirituality are at the heart of his approach and he seizes it with his singular poetic universe on the album Kaladounia – which means “Here the world” – recalling the importance of the here and now.

Kaito Winse - calabash, kora, tama, arc bow & voice


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Paul Van Gysegem met Kim Van Den Brempt @ Cees van de Ven
FES live @ Willem Van Cauwenberghe



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