Matterhorn Well

 Citadelic festival 2023 

MAY 24 - 13H                     MAIN STAGE
            improv first encounter

Since moving to Amsterdam in 2014, the young Polish pianist Marta Warelis has gradually emerged as one of the most versatile, daring and skilled musicians in European improvised music

Eric Thielemans has worked his way via jazz drumming and free improvisation towards his own realms in music & performance, as a well recognised, acclaimed drummer, percussionist but more so as a drummer philosopher, exploring consciousness through music.

We are more than happy to start the festival with this duo (world premiere as they would say ), with this sonic adventure and hear 2 genuine sound artists challenge and resonate each at the borders of percussion, resonance and space.

Marta Warelis - piano
Erci Thielemans - drums & percussion



with the marvelous support of De Vlaamse Gemeenschap and de Stad Gent


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