Cinema Paradiso

 Citadelic festival 2023 

MAY 24 - 21H                    MAIN STAGE

   Cinema Paradiso  (BE)
             Paul Motion revisited

Cinema Paradiso is a Belgian jazz trio that embraces music that expresses tranquility, musical freedom and playfulness. Inspired by the music of Paul Motian, the trio gets to work on his compositions and takes the musical journey step by step beyond Motian to freely improvised spaces and freely associated standards. now

Somewhere in the mid 90-ties Kurt and Eric played as a duo in and around Antwerp. Even at that time they played a music inspired by Motian’s repertoire, free jazz repertoire and romantic standards. 25 years later, this connection is picked up. As if time doesn’t exist, or at least seemingly so, nothing has changed as to the why of their shared musicanship. Willem joins in as if he always had been part of the unit. 2 becomes 3.

It was wonderful listening to this beautiful music.
A reminder. Music is the most extraordinary force. Connecting us, bringing us together
across time, space,
past, present, future, here, there, centuries, continents.
I’ve spent much time with Paul Motian’s music. It was a joy to hear these new versions
of the songs I know so well and love so much.
I know Paul would be happy.
Music. It never stops blowing my mind.
We can always count on it.
One note leads to the next. One song leads to the next. Music will always tell us
where to go and what to do.
Music gives us hope.
It never stops. Keeps going. Music will never let us down.
Music is good.

– Bill Frisell about Cinema Paradiso Volume 1

Kurt Van Herck - saxophone
Willem Heylen - guitar
.Eric Thielemans - drums en percussion



with the marvelous support of De Vlaamse Gemeenschap and de Stad Gent


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