Matterhorn Well

 Citadelic festival 2023 

MAY 24 - 15H                    MAIN STAGE
   lauroshilau (JP/FR/BE)
            ônaki - konaki tour

Founded in 2013, the lauroshilau trio offers a musical vision shaped by the atypical paths of the three musicians. Pak Yan Lau, Audrey Lauro and Yuko Oshima use both the pure research of contemporary music and the new languages of electro-acoustic improvisation. Through his long experience, from experimental music to jazz, lauroshilau constructs minimal soundscapes, exploring cracks and sparks in space and time.

The trio composes and improvises with textures and structures. Emphasis is placed on the quality of each sound, making the boundary between electronic and acoustic signals fragile. Recently, lauroshilau had the opportunity to work in residence in Brussels, which resulted in new compositions and the recording of a new disc "Onaki, Konaki" which means in Japanese "Grand cri, petit cri" which will be released in spring 2023 on the Ghent label El Négocito. After 10 years of existence, lauroshilau is moving towards a more "pruned" approach, with the desire to capture the essence of a composition, while continuing to explore the multiple possibilities of improvisation.

The sounds lauroshilau create already suffice to prick up your ears, but it is the combinations in their instant composing that makes these pieces such successful endeavors at the crossroads of sound exploration, free improvisation and electro-acoustic imagination. It is because they manage to combine those slithering lines, resonations and manipulations/effects so well that a compendium of sounds is turned into a cohesive whole, an ambient-like piece becomes a story, the flow of energy a unified, collective statement. And it is all rooted in their listening, the capacity to receive, identify and add their responses and ideas to the mix. And the most beautiful thing of all? Even for a non-participating listener, it is something to discover and try to make sense of. The reward is generous.
-- Guy Peters

Pak yan Lau - piano, toys, rod gongs & electronics
Audrey Lauro - saxophone
Yuko Oshima - drums & percussion



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